My Nike Free Everydays


After 5 months of wear

Purchase Date: End of May

Price: $50 – A steal

Bought at: Niketown- Boston, Ma

As you can see, my Nike Free Everydays have seen their fair share of miles. I’m not here to push the barefoot running movement on you, or suggest that everyone go out and get them. I actually bought them because my wife liked the way they looked. I just thought you might like to hear a physical therapist’s opinion on this outside the box running shoe.

I actually bought these for gym shoes, more for the days that I would not be running, and for occasional light days at work. However, after reading up on them and talking to a few other PT’s, I decided I would take them out for a spin, a short 5 minute spin.

There was no A-HA moment and it wasn’t like running on a cloud; in fact it was nothing special. I continued to pepper in these short warm up runs, adding a minute or two at a time with my Frees, until I actually made it to around the five to six mile mark. Side-Note: You look crazy switching running shoes at your treadmill.

So there was nothing special about the shoes, but there was something. My feet never felt “beat up” after my longer runs. No arch pain, and no ankle pain which plagued me since the beginning of high school. The only thing that I legitimately changed over the past few months was my footwear. Crazy, the Nike Free Everydays seemed to help ME Like I said before, I’m not saying everyone should go out and buy these. (Besides the Everydays, there are also Nike Free 7.0, 5.0 and the discontinued 3.0, all with decreased stability respectively).

I’m not going to give my opinion on whether or not these shoes are good for this type of foot or that type of foot (it’s too loaded of a subject), but I will say I have a neutral to slightly supinated gait pattern that is uncompensated. Also, I have a 4/6 joint laxity in both ankles.

my foot



Looks: (B+) Not loud enough for me. I once bought banana yellow Mizzunos, but my wife thinks I look good in black.

Day-to-day Comfort: (A-)

Running Comfort: (B+)

Motion Control: (F)

Cushioning: (C+)

Durability: (A) I have probably logged 300+ miles running, and hundreds more wearing them to work

What they are for: I would not suggest them for running more than five miles, but that is my foot, everyone’s are different.

So in the end, I have enjoyed my time in the Everydays, BUT the most important part is that I kept my wife happy.

*On a side note, I switched back to my ASICS only three times over the past two months, and my feet killed after roughly 3-5 miles (probably due to the fact that my ASICS are ten months old, and I have no idea how many miles are on them). This is kind of disappointing because my ASICS felt great in the past.

2 responses to “My Nike Free Everydays

  1. Nice write-up Mike. I’ve been wearing Frees for years and love them. The next step (no pun intended) is a move to the Vibram Five Fingers. I’m not sure though that my ego is strong enough to withstand the heckling that I’m sure to get.

    • Steven,
      Strapping a BOSU to each foot would be a little worse. I’ve seen very few people with the five fingers, but maybe after they see you in them they will take off (think endorsement). Thank you for the comment, and when I hopefully progress to the 7s or 5’s I’ll have a little more to talk about.


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