“And please remember to shut off your cell phones.”

Today’s Theme – watch this video

I know we live in a time where we need instant access to everything, but at what expense? When I first began my journey into physical therapy 10 years ago (as a patient), I did not see one person on their cell phone during a treatment session. This is not a rant on technology being evil, blah, blah, blah. It’s a post about needing to slow down for a second and help ourselves out once and a while.

I often get told, “I love coming to physical therapy because I can work hard, and see improvements in MYSELF. PT is all about ME.” It’s odd but not once have I heard someone who totes a cell phone into their treatments religiously say anything remotely like that, usually because they are too busy talking on their phones.

My father has always told me that if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Why would this adage not go for one’s own course of treatment? If you are not concentrating on what you are doing, and focussing on yourself while trying to get better, you are not going to get optimal results.

The holidays are rapidly approaching, and everything is about giving, and caring for others, WHICH I AM ALL FOR, but you cannot do this if you’re not first thinking about taking care of yourself. Sometimes giving an hour of your day to yourself will allow you to give a lot more to others in the end.

How can you truly help others if you do not help yourself first? I know these all sound like clichés but they are all true  when it comes to physical therapy. It is often seen when some of my patients are more concerned about their jobs, or family situations, than their own well-being. The truth is, that if these people are worried about their jobs or their families, they should want to devote the hour once a week (treatment sessions) and 20-30 minutes every day (home exercise program) focussing on getting themselves better. Because, if they are getting worse, or not recovering, then they truly cannot work, or be there for their families. So just remember during these stressful times, that if you’re feeling worn down, or stressed out, maybe you need to take some  time for YOU. Believe me, you will much happier and healthier in the end.

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