One Question, Many Answers

I decided to ask a bunch of people the same question and see what happened. This post is as simple as that. I hope I get some good feedback from this so I can continue with it each month – to keep the masses informed of course.

I asked:

In two sentences or less, what is one tip to help people maintain/start a healthy lifestyle? Clearly two sentences with a loose guideline.

They said:

Snippetphysther – “To maintain or even start a healthy lifestyle means you have to believe in yourself and take action – no more thinking about it, no more planning and no more forgotten new year resolutions.  Implement change one step at a time until you are where you want to be.”

David Sandel – “Pick a goal, write it down, and look at it every day. Everything starts with a goal and it must be clearly defined so you know how to attack it with all your passion and energy in order to achieve it.”

Ken Zelez – “It really is easier than you think.  Make daily (healthy) choices that help you to reach your goal(s).”

Patrick Ward, MS, CSCS, LMT – “Just get started!  People tend to obsess about all the little things – What should my diet be? Should I stop eating carbs? Weights before cardio? Cardio before Weights? Etc.  These people never get started, as they are always waiting for all the information or for the “right time”.  I say just jump it.  Just get going right away and don’t waste time obsessing.”

Christina Quinn – “It starts at home. Drop bad habits. When you go grocery shopping, stay away from sweet treats, foods high in fat or things that are easy to pop in your mouth & overindulg in.  Purchase fresh vegetables, lean meats, etc that you can cook at home! Try cooking your meals, or making your lunch for work to avoid temptation.”

Mark Young – “I think the first step is to write down all of the individual behaviours you need to do to reach the goal you’d like to achieve.  Then write down all of the barriers that would normally prevent from you accomplishing these behaviours and work towards solutions for each one.”

Steven Bubel – “Start by setting small, measurable, and achievable fitness and dietary goals. Once achieved, establish new and more challenging ones.”

Matt Johnson, M.S, CPT, PES, USA W SPC & Club Coach Level 1 – “One tip I highly suggest is to train for optimal posture.  In my opinion, a healthy lifestyle starts from leading a pain-free life. Pain in the body causes a lack of motivation.  When diet and exercise are recommended, poor motivation will hinder your results. On a daily basis nearly every movement we make is anterior plane dominant such as typing on the computer, eating meals, driving our vehicles and vacuuming. This is the reason why so many people suffer from low back pain.  Take time to train the posterior chain because without a pain-free body you can’t take the steps toward a healthy life.”

Jeff Cubos, BPHE, MSc, DC, ICSSD, CSCS – “It’s simple and it all comes down to one concept…MOVEMENT.  In my next life, I am going to rally Lance, Obama, and Oprah to help me create a non-profit organisation aimed at eliminating escalators from this world.”

Brooks Tiller, DPT – “Living a healthy lifestyle brings many challenges and often failure, but it is how we treat the failure that will determine our final outcome.  If we fail and stray off course, it is vital that we don’t give up and count it for naught but get back on course, develop a plan to avoid similar pitfalls in the future, and succeed!”

Mike T. Nelson, MS, PhD(c), CSCS, RKC – “Do joint mobility work.” (I love the simplicity)

Mike Young, PhD – “Nike had it right when they said “Just do it.” You never finish something you don’t start.”

Joe Bonyai, M.Ed, CSCS  – “Write everything down on paper. From daily goals to your grocery list, writing things down will help you make better decisions instantly.”

Jesse Dimick, LACT, PTA – “Maintain a structured schedule.  It is to easy to get out of a routine.  Once out of a routine it is very difficult to start again.”

Carson Boddicker – “Start today, repeat tomorrow.  Consistency is the name of the game.”

ME! (Mike Scott, DPT) – “We don’t get that much older, we just learn that many more excuses. Hold yourself accountable for your own health, and don’t depend on drugs or shortcuts to lead you to where you want to be; shortcuts are a great way to get lost.”

Well there ya go folks, 14 masters of their crafts (and me) all answering one simple question. I think it is easy to see that setting goals and finding motivations are the easiest way to stay on track to a healthy lifestyle. Let me know if you found this helpful, or would like any other questions answered.

Happy Holidays.

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