I was going through my blog account the other day and I stumbled upon my blogroll. I was able to see how many times people have clicked on each blog from my page and it was not many. Now, I know that it seems like straight up promotion of these sites, but they are there for a reason; I feel they can provide you with insight and knowledge regarding the rehabilitation and fitness industries. I suggest that you take a look at these sites and feel free to contact their authors with any questions you may have. I can ensure you, they are very, very bright people. I feel like this is what a true “Follow Friday” should be about. These blogs will help you improve your knowledge and resources to make you a better person and professional.

  • Boddicker Performance – great for runners!
  • Bret Contreras’ Blog – The “glute” guy
  • – Just put out a great new book!
  • Exercise Expertise – By Josh Gould
  • Extreme Human Performance –
  • Kevin Neeld – For serious hockey training
  • Matt Johnson’s Strength Coach Concepts 
  • Mike Boyle’s Blog – Enough said
  • Mike Reinold’s Blog – He may be on vacation, but that gives you time to catch up on his content
  • Optimum Sports Performance – The next big name is S&C?
  • Steven Bubel  – Check out his new facility
  • Also, some late additions are,, and

    I hope that you find much useful information in these sites, and if there are any other resources I can help you find, please feel free to contact me at


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