One Question, Many Answers #6

So now that I am settled, I began to think of where I am at my job. The bottom of the totem pole is not exactly the best place to be. No doctors know me, I don’t know their protocols, the coffee maker needs cleaning, etc. Now that I am in a new place, somewhere that I did not think I would be even two years ago, I began to think of where the hell I want to be. Just like in physical therapy where we need to set goals so we have markers to establish progress, professionally we need to set goals to figure out if we are progressing or becoming stagnant. This month for OQMA #6, I want to know where you want to be professionally in five years, and I want to know one major milestone that you will achieve to get there. Try to keep answers to about 4 sentences if you can.

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Jeff Cubos, BPHE MSc DC FCCSS(C) CSCS – In five years, I professional objective is to become a clinical faculty member of the Physical Therapy/Rehabilitation Sciences program, and community supervisor of the Physical Education program at the University of Alberta. Specifically, my objective is to supervise and educate both physical therapy and kinesiology students during placement / rotation here at my clinic / training center. In order to do this, I will need to pursue either a Masters degree in Physical Therapy or a PhD in Rehabilitation Science…somewhat of a major milestone considering the fact that I already own and work in my clinic full time.
Chiropractic Sports Specialist
Strength & Conditioning Specialist

Carson Boddicker – “In five years my overarching goal is to be a professional who never stops getting better at what he does and who never stops learning about his craft. There is so much out there that fascinates me like what you all are doing with the OmegaWave, PRI stuff, the Anatomy Links methodology, the Functional Movement thought processes, and Gary Gray’s work are enthralling.  I cannot see myself being anything other than an “in the trenches” kind of guy.

To that end, I’d love to earn the opportunity to work in a multidisciplinary program with a group of smart people and athletes that I can have for the long run so we can really sharpen up a methodology that keeps athletes performing at extremely high levels for a long time. ”

Bret Contreras, MA, CSCS – I would like to receive my PhD within the next five years and start conducting more research in the field of strength & conditioning. This requires that I first get accepted to a PhD program so that’s first on the agenda. In a general sense I’d simply like to continue to improve in all areas…as a strength coach, speaker, writer, lifter, and businessman.

Josh Gould, ASCM-CPT – Most importantly for me is that in 5 years I still find my work rewarding and I have the same passion for it. If I do that I believe I will be exactly where I deserve to be and have reached any milestone I found necessary to. If I can grow my business to make a good living while keeping my integrity intact I will consider myself successful. In 5 years I hope to know more and still be learning, be a better businessman, trainer, and a well respected health educator.
Dave Sandel – As a young trainer starting out, I definitely need to hone my craft and build a client base as well as a network to create new clients. In general, become a better trainer and businessman. In a perfect world, which has been done many times before, I think I could have my own studio up and running in 5 years. That is my current goal as of now.
Selena Horner, PT – In 5 years… I’d like to be the “connector” in the world of physical therapy.  Everyone has a dream or a passion or an ambition; it is never easy to achieve anything alone.  Sometimes all it takes is meeting the right person and connecting.  So many cool things can happen when the right people are brought together.  I want to be the people connector and to be able to smile and be proud of the accomplishments and change created through the connection.  A milestone to achieve?  I dunno – what I’d like to do isn’t something anyone is trained to do.  For me, I’m somewhat kind of shy… shocker… but, I guess, for me, I’ll need to be a bit more courageous, step outside of my comfort zone on a more frequent basis to try to really get to know others at a deeper level and then figure out a way to remember the person and the details so when that information is relevant for another individual I can readily help that other individual.  Please don’t ask how I’d measure success at reaching my dream.
Matthew Johnson – In five years I hope to:
1. Receive my Ph.d in Kinesiology or Biomechanics.
2. Win a high school national championship at Montrose Christian.
3. Obtain a full-time strength and conditioning position at the collegiate or professional level.
4. Network with the greatest minds in the field of S&C, PT and research.
5. Read 100 “field related” books, texts or manuals (20 a year).
“Research-Driven Performance”
Mark Young – I don’t often believe in predictions since the Back to the Future movies would have me riding a floating skateboard by now if they were true.  Nonetheless, In 5 years career goals are to finally have released at least 2-3 fitness related products, write for several more magazines (including Men’s Health which is a landmark goal for me), and to begin speaking at larger scale fitness seminars.  I’m also considering becoming a ninja or samurai.
Exercise Mastermind Guru Intructor Level 16
Patrick Ward, MS, CSCS, LMT – I can’t tell you exactly what I want to be doing in 5years. Part of me says to go to Physical Therapy School and the other part of me just wants to get out of the private sector and work with a college or pro team.  For the former, I am taking the few pre-requisite courses I need for the DPT program should I decide to go that route.  For the latter, I am trying to connect and speak with as many professionals as possible and show my worth.  I guess I’ll take which ever situation comes first!
Patrick Ward
Andy Peterson, PT, MHS, SCS – My goal for the next 5 years is to grow my clinic to be the PT provider of choice in my area, specifically moving from targeting physicians for referrals to a direct access model.  I want patients to think of me/my clinic when they need PT services, rather than just going to the provider that their physician recommends.  To help with this, I plan on completing a DPT and/or manual therapy certification within the next 5 years, as well as continuing to provide excellent care to my patients.
Clinic Director
Sport & Spine Clinic of Edgerton
Brooks Tiller, DPT – In five years I would like to have the means and independence to travel and do mission work.  This would allow me to help more people with my skills as a Physical Therapist and performance coach.  Having my own facility/ business could help me to free up time while providing me with a steady income while traveling.  To achieve this I need to improve my skill, get more experience managing a facility, and become more business savvy.

Chris Melton – In five years, I would like for the Rotater to be a “household” name / brand and I want it to be because people who’ve used it have spread it’s virtues via “word of mouth”.  I love entrepreneurship and all that goes with it.  My plan is to be financially secure…not for the money, but for the freedom the money will provide.  More quality time with my family as well as the options that come with financial freedom.
Joint Mechanix, LLC
Mobile:  334-444-4468
Jay Hargrove, PT, ATC – I have just applied to the Transitional Doctorate program to get my DPT. I think it is important to the profession and in the public’s perception of our field. Personally I would also like to attain my sports specialty certification through the APTA as well as take the CSCS examination. This is my 5 year plan of personal growth to further develop my skills and knowledge base.
Mike T. Nelson, MS, CSCS – In 5 years from now I will be doing training and consulting full time and will finally complete my PhD (writing and submitting my dissertation research studies now as we speak).  After 15 years of full time college, I will NOT be in school ever again (but continue to learn). My goal is to help at least 10,000 people a year with products, lectures, certifications (The Movement: Biomech I-III, Biochem 1,II and help with Biopsych) and consulting that continues to be based on results.  My second goal is to deliver lectures/certifications on 5 different continents.  It is time to end the dark ages of fitness and let the revolution begin.
Michael T. Nelson  MS, CSCS
PhD Candidate, Exercise Science

Mike Scott, DPT – In 5 years I would like to own my own, or be part owner of, a physical therapy clinic, with a focus on sports med/orthopedics, as well as be considered a reputable source for physical therapy information within professional circles. My biggest hurdle/milestone will be gaining the respect and trust of the doctors whom send their patients to me and my clinic and also advancing my professional certifications to include FMS/SFMS, OCS, and CKTP.

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  1. Goals are a funny thing. As much as I want to release fitness products and place a greater focus at speaking, I think Carson hit it on the head with being in the trenches.

    I absolutely love owning my own place and having a venue to apply what I learn. With that said, I think my goal in five years is to not wake up at 5 AM for a solid week. That would be quite a feat indeed.

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