What’s the point?

This post is simple. Last night after reading over the brilliant peoples’ blogs that I follow and some others that I occassionally read, I felt dumb. Not like, “Oh man I forgot to shut the oven off again after cooking that sweet SPAM dinner,” dumb, but the, “Oh man, how the hell am I ever going to know that much info” dumb. You know, like the night before your last final in college before summer break when you haven’t studied yet. Right before I pulled the trigger on changing my domain to www.mikescottdpt.com I had to reflect on WHY I actually blog.

Because I’m an optimist for the most part I will end with the why’s.

Why Not’s:

  1. I already work 50 – 60 hours a week. This idea was quickly pushed out of my head due to the fact that A.  I love my job B. I know many people who work way more and have a significant online presence 3. Content usually comes organically and I don’t force the process.
  2. I feel like an idiot compared to my peers most of the time.
  3. I am not the smartest, most original, funniest, or most innovative
  4. I don’t really know my niche yet
  5. The most searched term on the internet that leads people to my blog is “million dollar bill” due to the fact I used a picture of one in my “Weston High School Career Day” post. I find this fact disheartening.


  1. Although I sometimes think my readership is small, I have a readership.
  2. I’d feel bad if I didn’t do anything with the ideas I come up with for my blog.
  3. When I get a comment on my posts, or create a discussion, I can’t help but feel that I am improving the field of rehabilitation or S&C.
  4. I know many people, including my closest friends, that really do not know what I do as a physical therapist, and I feel this blog can give them a better understanding of what I, and other therapists, do on a daily basis.
  5. I use my blog as a tool to connect with other professionals to improve my own knowledge, while also advancing the knowledge of others.
  6. One day I want to be respected with the likes of Mike Reinold, Mike Boyle, Charlie Weingroff, Gray Cook, etc.
  7. I love to teach, and teaching is the most effective way to learn. Prior to moving, I probably got asked if I was a teacher, or planned to teach once a week.
  8. Gary V says it’s a good idea (just kidding).

The one year anniversary of my blog is coming up in less than a month (in typical guy fashion I have nothing planned to celebrate), and I think that now is as good of a time as ever to reflect on why I write, why I continue to learn, and why I want to continue to help others learn. I think I put out a tweet some months ago that I feel my education as a PT really started the day I graduated, and I still feel that way. I continue to grow and evolve as a PT and rehab professional every day, and I cannot see myself as a professional without this creative and educational outlet.

Always evolve (many times evolving requires a little reflection),


2 responses to “What’s the point?

  1. Mike-

    I’m in your shoes, 100%. Just getting started in the S&C field is incredibly daunting, especially when you follow the likes of Mike Boyle, Eric Cressey, and Mike Reinold. These guys have amassed so much knowledge, I feel like I’ll never catch up. So it’s nice to hear that someone else feels this way!

    • Hey Erin,
      It’s good to see that I am not inthis alone. The beauty of this is that these guys started off in the same situation (I actually went to the same school and same program Mike Reinold did, only 6 years later or something), and at the time they probably felt the same. We are also fortunate enough that we can now learn from these greats, and do not have to compete with them for the time being haha.

      I might be sending Mike Reinold a message now that the Sox season is over to dive into this more and see how he felt when he was in our shoes. Thanks for the readership Erin, and good luck!

      Always Evolve,


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