Help my boy Abu out

I got an e-mail from an old student of mine, Abu Ibrahim, back on the East Coast. The email reads:

“Mike Scott, I hate you. After all those long walks, cuddling, and spooning, I thought you were the one for me…..” Wait a second, that’s not the right e-mail. Oh, here it is

Ok so here is the long awaited email that I definately meant to send back when I said I was going to email you. So for one of my classes I need to come up with a therapeutic exercise that is unorthodox, has good results and is progressable. It doesnt need to be anything you created personally but probably is something that isn’t found in [exercise software]. So if there is anything that you know off the top of your head or maybe a question that you post on your blog and see what others are doing.

I have been in young Abu’s place before. Sitting around for HOURS trying to think of some crazy idea that I have seen, or that hasn’t been done too often. What did boring ol’ me come up with? The single leg deadlift with a twister mat. BOOOORING. The twister mat gives the therapist the ability to call out colors for the hands and foot. Abu clearly wants to impress his teacher (I know the guy, he’s quite an awesome guy).

If you can leave your idea’s in the comments below orrr better yet, leave your comments and/or videos (links) below, what the exercise does and is for, and how it is progressable, I’m sure Abu would be forever thankful.  You can also e-mail him your response at

PS – Abu introduced me to this video. I didn’t laugh the first time I saw it, but ended up quoting it 50 times a day for 3 months after.

Always Evolve (In this case, help Abu evolve),


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