This Week’s Educainment

Educainment for the week of 11/12 – 11/19

(11/18/10) Deadlifts are the worst thing you can do for your spine. Tony and Bret speak out.

(11/17/10) This is awesome. Brett Favre’s “Injuries List”

(11/17/10) Protocols don’t mean no evaluation and individualization needed! Gray makes another great point

(11/17/10) One of the greatest distance runners of all time just stops

(11/16/10) Tom Brady is “over-weight”, Paul Pierce too… Thanks Lee

(11/15/10) Jeff Cubos on whether or not to “Suck, squeeze, Squeeze.” Yup, serious rehabilitation terminology.

(11/13/10) The McRib up close and personal. A heatrty plate of McEducainment. Check this out too

(11/12/10) Robert Sapolsky’s Standford lecture on the “Uniqueiness” of Humans Via Patrick Ward (

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