What’s up with Mikescottdpt.com

Well, it has been a while. I am slacking. As I saw last year, my production of new content seems to dip drastically during two times of the year.

1. The winter holidays

2. Moving across the country

One of those is upon us. I have really spent the previous month finishing up “Low Back Disorders” by McGill, reading a million articles on ACL graft types and formulating recommendations for choosing  the right graft depending on the type of athlete and sport, cooking Thanksgiving dinner, and working a million hours a week. This last activity has given me the opportunity to test a lot of the McGill research (further solidifying my belief in his work), and also to truly exhaust myself to the point that after a string of 13 hours days I do not even have the energy to check my e-mails. So it is with this post that I ask all of my dedicated readers to please be patient with me during this time of year, and I promise there is new content on the way.

Content in the works:

Recommendations for ACL graft type selection based on athletes and their sports


The I am series – I desire to one day do an I am: Brett Favre. However, I feel this task will be a tiresome one, ending finally in the post I am Brett Favre, and I am brain dead.

Proprioception: It’s Ten-o-clock, do you know where your leg is?

A new One Question, Many Answers

That’s it for now ladies and gentlemen!!

Always Evolve,


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