Recent Educainment: 1/12/11

So we made it through the holidays! Now that people seem to have about 5x as much time on their hands (including myself) I guess I’ll start scouring the internet for educational and entertaining information again. In the meantime, read/watch/listen/consume the following educainment.

(1/11/11) Yup all ones baby! Those damn power bands don’t work, haven’t worked, and will not work. Did it take science to prove this?

(1/10/11) 4 easy exercises to relieve neck/back pain at work – You know you should probably do a few of these.

(1/3/11) 22 Health Rumors here I found some of these ridiculous, as will you.

(1/2/11) The anatomy Trains website. Enough said.

(12/23/10) Eating fish leads to strokes? Under one obvious condition

(12/22/10) 3D body maps rule!

(12/22/10) Shaq conducts the Boston Pops Ever since I got his rookie card on Christmas day, and had a heart attack becaue of it, I have had a special attachment to Shaq.

(12/21/10) The healthiest man alive? Maybe he forgot about brushing his teeth

Always evolve,


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