Bridging the Gap…

About 4 weeks ago I had insomnia as I occasionally do. I stumbled upon a blog post by Patrick Ward of Optimum Sports Performance talking about an upcoming seminar called “Bridging the Gap”. Charlie Weingroff and Dr. Craig Liebenson were to be the presenters at the seminar. Well I literally just got home, ate a piece of turkey and cheddar and here we are.

The seminar was designed to show PTs, Chiros, and Per. Trainers that there is and should be over-lap in both our rehab approaches and in our training. This goes along with Charlie’s recent DVD Training = Rehab, Rehab = Training ( I got my copy today so consider my free time in this coming week consumed). There was a focus on truly looking at the function of muscles, but also looking at this function during MOVEMENT. There was also a big focus on CNS control (motor control) during movements and regulation and centralization of pain with movement. The key with all of these concepts was proper movement. GROOVING correct patterns, (having the patient’s brain figure out how to do it with a little coaching), whether it’s mobility or stability, leading up to larger and more functional movements. In actuality, I found that this seminar simplified things that I had been trying to organize in my head without much success.

I find it quite interesting, and fortunate, that I was actually the only physical therapist besides Charlie at this seminar of ~25 people. I found it interesting because even though I was in a gym full of other professions, we all shared the same outlook on training and rehab. There should not be these turf wars between any professions as long as good training and rehab principles are followed. We all realize that currently, the majority of training, and rehab being performed is not as sound as it can be, and in Charlie’s words, ” no matter what color glasses you wear, we are essentially seeing the same things, and the rest is just semantics.”

Unfortunately, I did find a negative with the course. The negative started to be shown as I was poorly performing the quadruped position, and subsequently poor bird-dogs. The negative of this seminar is that it pointed out how poorly I can stabilize/control my spine and scap. My ability to stabilize my lumbar spine, and scapula is poor at best.  These instabilities lead to bad performance of my deadlift, dead-bugs, squats, hip hinges, planks, and push ups. I will hopefully be getting my flip-cam soon so I can show all you guys how bad it really is. In the coming weeks I will be working on these with ferocity, maybe even stealing a page from Charlie’s book, and sharing my daily work with you guys.

Two other things to consider

  • The body doesn’t know form, it knows movement
  • If you cannot breathe while doing it, it’s too hard

Who else was there:

Charlie Weingroff

Dr. Craig Liebenson

Patrick Ward

Steven Bubel

Carson Boddicker

Once again, I was fortunate enough to spend 14 hours with these guys, learning, absorbing, and changing my abilities as  a PT. If you need to talk sports performance you need to talk to these guys.

Always evolve, I sure did this weekend,


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