Recent Educainment: 1/31/11

It’s been a while, but I think that these 8 links will help you kill some time.

(1/31/11) Now I never have to leave home to work! Knee rehab over the internets.. thanks Al Gore *If you don’t get the Al Gore reference I apologize*

(1/30/11) If you are a movement based professional read this. Carson Boddicker talking test, treat, retest.

(1/30/11) The Lokomat..this thing is awesome

(1/21/11) Where were my scholarship offers when I was 13. I was a promising competitive eater.

(1/20/11) Wow! Orthotics don’t really work either! Thank you 5 people who sent this to me!

(1/17/11) Gray Cook talks Warm ups

(1/15/11) Rapid cervical spine decelleration at second 22. *This is my favorite educainment to date, and one of my favorite videos of all time.

(1/13/11) Heavy Indian club swinging The best part is the young creepy kid staring near the end.

Always Evolve,


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