One Question, Many Answers #9

So, after missing another month, One Question Many Answers is back. Once again the goal is for me to ask all of you [them] one question and hope that I get some degree of varrying answers back.
If you could/or are attend(ing) one continuing education course in the coming year what would/will it be, and why are you attending?

Jeff Cubos BPHE MSc DC FCCSS(C) CSCS – “I am probably the wrong one to ask as those who’ve read my blog would know that I’m a CE junkie. That said, I am a fan of learning the process rather than the methods. The why rather than the how. But to give you an idea of my continuing education for the year, I recently presented and attended the 2011 Pan Pacific Conference of Medicine & Science in Sport. This brought researchers primarily from Canada and Australia together (in Hawaii) and it was one of the better conferences I’ve attended. I am also looking forward to the Harvard Sports Medicine conference. As of late my CE has focused on Pain Science and Clinical Thinking, yet I need to return and complement this with orthopaedics.”

Selena Horner, PT – I am a fan of the American Physical Therapy Association Combined Sections Meeting (CSM). I am a girl who doesn’t like to settle on one single topic for days on end and loves the variety, clinical relevance and brevity of sessions. Since I am more experienced, courses need to have true participant engagement with thinking, interacting and dialogue. This doesn’t occur on a frequent basis. I’ve learned the best aspect of CSM is the opportunity to meet other physical therapists, geekily discuss various topics and form new friendships. *Those* discussions are gold. I think I’ve come to value solid relationships and the opportunity to build them as opposed to a single goal of learning at a course.

John DeLucchi, SPT, CSCS – I was planning on attending APTA’s CSM but that did not work out as planned. Unless I get lucky enough to hit the lottery in the next week. I will definitely be attending Annual Conference in National Harbor, MD. I was fortunate enough to be an usher in Boston last year and it was a great learning experience not only for content but for networking. I hope to repeat that this year.Twitter;

Patrick Ward MS, CSCS, LMT – One event I’d like to attend this year is “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants” lecture series on June 3-4 put on by the Boston Sports Medicine and Performance Group (  It has a great line up of some very influential individuals in the profession – Shirley Sahrmann, Tom Myers, Clare Frank, and Charlie Weingroff.  All four of those individuals have been very instrumental in the thought process I have developed over the years and to have the opportunity to see them all on one stage is very exciting.  Unfortunately, I don’t know that I’ll be able to make it to Boston during that weekend.  Hopefully many will attend.

Michael T. Nelson  MS, CSCS PhD Candidate – Only one!  Dang it!  That means I have to pick from Integrated Nutritional Ecology at AF Performance in CA, Experimental Biology conference in DC, The International Society of Sports Nutrition Meeting (where you could see me present on Saturday on Metabolic Flexibility)  in Vegas,  The Strength Guild Seminar in Vegas, to the Movement’s course on Pain and Athletic Performance and local NSCA events (yep, I will be at all the events listed, so come up and say hi!).   Since I have to pick only one, I will be incredibly biased and shameless promote the Movement’s Biochemistry of Nutrition course here in Minnesota this summer.  My buddy Craig Keaton and I will be teaching the 2 day certification and it will be unlikely any other nutrition cert, ever.  Our goal is in 2 days to provide you the latest theory on how nutrition affects you and your athlete’s body AND make it extremely practical so you can hit the ground running that Monday, taught from both an academic (not boring though) and practical standpoint.   Email me if you want information since space is extremely limited and it is by invite only.  michaelTnelson AT yahoo DOT com.

Exercise Science –

Mark Young – Frankly, I don’t like to leave home.  I love being here with my wife and daughter.  If I do go away, I’d want it to have EXTREME value or be a vacation with my family.  With all of the webinars available these days, email, cheap long distance, and Skype I’ve found that connecting with big time fitness professionals is often as easy as making a phone call.  I save my travel dollars for relaxation.

Charlie Weingroff – I am planning to attend DNS D in September, where I am not only excited to continue to strengthen my weak grasp of DNS but also appreciate how other countries engage in health care.

Bret Contreras – I’m a big fan of the NSCA, and I’d love to attend the National Conference this year in July in Las Vegas.

Mike Young – The one continuing education course I’d love to attend would be Sports Performance Enhancement Consortium at ETSU. I’ve always been a fan of Mike and Meg Stone’s work and I’ve heard great things about there research based, high-level seminar.

Jay Hargrove, PT, ATC – I am interested in attending a spinal manipulation course.  Not much of this was covered when I was in school, and I don’t have a lot of experience with it. I think with the clinical prediction rules and success rates, it make this knowledge an important clinical tool when trying to develop a EBP approach.

Josh Gould – I’m excited and honored to be a part of IHRSA’s National Convention and Conference mid-March in San Francisco. Along with leading a round table discussion on entrepreneurship in training I’m psyched to meet industry leaders and join various continuing education sessions. Though I haven’t decided which ones yet I’ll be including a variety from business programming to training special populations. With so many various health and fitness professionals I’ll be sure to leave humble and smarter.

Chris Melton – “I’d like to attend the annual American Sports Medicine Institute conference.  My business partner and I had the opportunity to attend last year in Birmingham and it was great.  Hearing speakers like Mike Reinold, George Davies, David Donatucci, and of course, Dr. James Andrews, was tremendous.”

Matthew Johnson, MS – I always try to attend the Perform Better 3-Day Summits. It is the mecca of strength and conditioning. The speakers, presentations and socials are top notch year in and year out.

Brooks Tiller, DPT – FMS/ SFMA course with Gray Cook, Lee Burton, Kyle Keisel, and Brett Jones.  I know that all these guys don’t present together but no matter which one you learn from, it is a constant barrage of knowledge bombs.  I was able to attend the FMS with Gray and Lee, the SFMA with Kyle, and heard Brett speak last year.  The FMS and SFMA courses combined took less than 4 days; I have close to 80 pages of notes of knowledge from these great practitioners.  These courses have helped me to combine my therapy education with my strength knowledge to provide better service to all my patients and clients.

Michael Boyle – Perform Better Summit, hands down. Lots of choices, lots of stimulation. Great presenters, great participants.

Mike Scott, DPT – Well, this is my blog so I can bend the rules a little. I definitely want to make my way to a SFMA course at some point this year, I think that a reason at this point would be mute. I also want to check out DNS A out in Phoenix if I can, or possible Los Angeles later in the year. I have also alway been intrigued by TPI med professionals and the knowledge these guys possess. It also helps I live in LA now and it seems like everyone golfs.

Always Evolve (especially your knowledge!),

Mike Scott, DPT

4 responses to “One Question, Many Answers #9

  1. Any interest in heading to SFMA in Houston? I will see you at DNS in Phoenix if you end up going….

      • Yep. Gonna be a 1st timer to the city. Heard good things about the city and obviously great things about Kiesel though. Let me know if you end up going.

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