Whoa, Mike, where the hell have you been?

So I basically disappeared for the past 2 months. Oops. I’m so happy that I continued to get e-mails, comments, and subscriptions from you guys. So my reading lately has been more of a recreational sort, but I have been busy in the clinic applying my skills and helping as many people as I can. Just in case you guys are curious as to what’s really been going on at mikescottdpt.com here’s the rundown.

1. Took levels 1-3 kinesiotaping courses. I was soooo skeptical going in to the first two courses because I could not find any significant research backing its use. After learning some beginner and intermediate techniques I have to say I am more apt to believe what brands like KT Tape and KinesioTex Tape offer. I have to say I have been getting good results with taping SI Joints, anterior knee pain, ITBs (especially on myself!!!), and biceps tendonitis/RTC.

2. I started running like crazy, hence the taping of my own ITBs. A new co-worker is training for the 2012 Olympics in the 800 meters, and I decided to be her pace bunny for her training hahah. This was a great excuse for me to get some new kick ass Nike Frees.

3. I have been told I do not reach out to my reader’s enough to figure out what they want. So, this is a call to all of you.. if there is something that you want me to discuss, or answer, I want you to e-mail me at mikescott.dpt@gmail.com

So in the months to come, I want to ramp back up my content, I want to kick some butt in the clinic, and I want to hear from you guys. Once again sorry for the hiatus!

Always.. yes always Evolve,


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