Review (sorta): Alex Trebek Chases Down Intruder, Ruptures Achilles, Sleeps Naked

Does this really count as news? I’m probably the best Jeopardy player I know, so I was sorta disappointed when I found out “Who sleeps in the nude” was the answer to “Alex Trebek?” I guess he is on the same level as the Emperor in “The Emperor’s New Clothes”. We should all come to accept the fact the Alex’s clothes are so futuristic that we cannot even see them (if someone were to get their hands on such clothes wouldn’t it be A.T.?).

The fact that Alex ruptured his achilles chasing after a hotel-room intruder means that maybe he should get a little more activity in his daily life, and maybe he is human. Alex has a nice little 6 month stint in rehab coming his way. Don’t worry though, he can sit around and ask people for their final answers without worrying about his job security (wouldn’t that be nice).

What are the main goals of Alex Trebek’s physical therapy?

  1. Let the surgery heel
  2. Progressively re-establish tissue length
  3. Ankle stability/proprioception
  4. Lower extremity strength
  5. Re-establish full body movement patterns

If there was a time to break into Alex’s hotel room, now would be it. You’d have to bet all your money that he wouldn’t be up to chasing you throughout the halls of the Holiday Inn though.

Did I ever think I’d hear about Alex Trebek sleeping in the buff making headlines? No, and just for the hell of it, that is my final answer.

Always Evolve (with your clothes on),


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