Cranial Nerve Exam Cheat Sheet

Remeber the cranial nerves? Me neither. So here’s a picture I threw together to help you remember. I find that combined with the acronym oh oh oh to touch and feel v… you probably know the rest of the acronym… If you happened to see my facebook page you probably saw that I needed to do a hardcore CN nerve test on someone (now pending brain MRIs). I figured a little review for all us rehab professionals out there was in need.

Also, remember that the CN 11 has significant ties to the shoulder, so if you see some really weird stuff going on there and you haven’t already checked the CNs out, do so.


I knew art class would come in handy

Always Evolve,


3 responses to “Cranial Nerve Exam Cheat Sheet

  1. Reblogged this on Nurse Eye Roll and commented:
    Great + simple explanation of the cranial nerves. I keep something similar on a small piece of paper in my badge because I never remember them!

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