Educainment 11.16.12

So as the holidays approach we all get a little more lax in our habits. Working out gets replaced by eating poorly. Eating well gets replaced by eating poorly. Sleeping gets replaced by eating poorly. You get the gist. Here at even I am getting lax. This week includes a video of walrus (plural of walrus is? Walri? Walruses? Walrus?), but also brain stimulating posts by Patrick Ward now of Nike and also PBS!

This article written by Peter Tyson is one of the better explanations of what actually goes into walking, and briefly discusses how we became bipedal from our quadruped ancestors. Although simple, I found it to be a quick and fascinating read.

Here, Patrick Ward talks about a restorative training for athletes; basically when and what type of training is best after an athletic even to optimize recovery. This man is smart, so get on board.

Finally, because I spent my free time this week looking at videos of cats, and walrus, and think that you should end your week with some fun. I give you a video of some adorable walrus(es?)

Always evolve,


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