Educainment 12.7.12

headerpicI apparently had some time on my hands this week…

Maybe this will keep you from downing all that Advil before going to work out. We all have to remember that soreness isn’t bad, and that the inflammatory process is natural and should happen.

This article is a good example of how rumors get started. There is not much here except a catchy title. The authors don’t dive too far into whether or not it’s socio-economic conditions that effect people’s test scores or if the test scores are exclusive and directly result in more chronic pain as adults. It’s a quick read and still suggested.

I’m surprised this knowledge isn’t main stream yet.

As I frequently say, ” Let me guess, you’re slouching right now. Sit up straight”. Well this may not be enough. I should say, “STAND UP!,” and thanks to new stand up desks that may be easier than once imagined.

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