Educainment 12.21.12

headerpicWell folks, the Mayans may not have gotten it right, so here’s some stuff you should read to hold you over for the next few days (or weeks if you read as slow as me).

The title of this one makes it very self explanatory  I’ve been on a big kick lately regarding quality of developmental movements and it still amazes me that people do not see something wrong with doing complex motor control tasks when they cannot do basic ones (see my last post). The development of rotation applies to all rotational sports and activities, so if you can’t roll, you can’t rotate. Did I mention Gray Cook played a part in this study?
Ok, so here’s a good example of why I love my field of practice. Here are two very reputable members of the health/S&C communities who share differing opinions. Nick Tumminello and Dr. Criag Liebenson share their opinions on “squatting like a baby”. Personally, I think that if someone has good hip, knee, and ankle range of motion, and good T/S mobility, they should be able to put them together! Please read and think about where you stand on the issue. I was reminded of these articles by Erson Religioso’s web site (Thanks Erson! see below).
Patrick Ward talks about the assessment and treatment the often forgotten SC joint. This guy is a big deal.
I am happy to see that very slowly, the paradigm of pain treatment is shifting in this country for those with chronic pain. I personally feel that chronic pain is an emotion, and everyone’s response is a little different. Here, Erson Religioso devotes a whole page of his website to “Stopping Thought Viruses”. Those with chronic pain may need some help with changing the way they see pain. And if these people can change the way they think about pain, and the way they see themselves, they are building a good foundation for progressing out of debilitating pain.
Take some time to dig through these posts and articles and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season! I’ll probably be taking some time off over the next few weeks, trying to collect some more ideas for the new year. I’ll probably be bringing the “I am” series back (first will be TFCC) and I hope to stay consistent in bring education and entertainment to those who are looking to get on the road to recovery.
Always Evolve,

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