Educainment 01.04.13

So once again I was able to read a lot more this week because I’m lazy and took 2 days off. There is definitely a superfluous amount of information out there, and I am happy to see other’s sharing what they are reading. Mike Reinold comes to mind (this week both he and I featured one of the same articles – It’s good to know I’m in good company).


Greg Lehman has been on a tear lately. He has a two part “discussion” regarding trunk stability and varying ideas on what works and what doesn’t with it’s application to reducing low back pain. He is a very smart guy, and if you are not familiar with his writing, take some time and pick through his information. He is confrontational, he does swear, and he does make sense. Part one and part two of this discussion will take some time to get through, but I do like his ideas that maybe we have taken this whole trunk “stability” thing too far.

This next piece just peaked my interest in the power of the human body. Diane Ackerman of the NY Times discusses what is being done around the world to harness the excess energy we as humans produce, and how it can be used alternatively.

Last, and not least, is this piece by Pavel Tsatsouline about training his father, who is 75, to get a to 400+ lb deadlift.  I like the piece because I have always felt we do our seniors a diservice by traditionally taking it easy on them. These are people who have worked hard their entire lives, and we need to show them that they are still strong and capable and when ready, should be able to do difficult activities.

Enjoy the reading. Let me know if you have any questions.

Always Evolve,


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