2013 and beyond

A couple things struck me this past year as I wrote this blog, and checked to see if people were actually still reading it.

1. People want to read about specific conditions. Presumably because they are scouring the Internet for a dream cure. Guess what, go to your PT, or MD. It’s a good place to start.

2. I’ve probably got a bunch of students coming to my site. My posts about PNF, UCPS, and open vs closed chain were at the top of my most viewed posts.

3. People in general like learning about their own bodies. I think it’s a travesty that we are not taught anatomy and physiology as a requirement in high school and the best we’ve got is Heath and Biology 101 for this, and I know that neither of these teach people about much other than the reproductive system when it comes to anatomy.

The goal and focus of my blog has shifted over the years. I began as an ignorant recently graduated PT, who thought he would relay pertinent, new, and what I thought was desirable information to those within my professional community. It’s been a struggle to realize this, but the people I know within my professional community are light years ahead of me in both information and smarts. I slowly came to realize that my blog is better served if I can take that information and boil it down for others to teach themselves and understand what may be going on with their bodies. People like Weingroff, Cook, Reinold, Ward, Nelson, Wilk, Boyle, Religioso, Starett, Falsone, Liebenson, etc will always be at the forefront of the rehab professions, but their information is not meant for just anyone to use.

I hope to provide you, the readers, accessible content that can help lead you in the right direction in regards to your own rehabilitation. And if I don’t know the answers, I will lead you to someone that does.

So please, reach out this year and request topics you’d like to read about!

Always Evolve,


3 responses to “2013 and beyond

  1. I’m here because of #3. You present scientifically-sound information in a way that is understandable to me. I really like the “Educainment” feature.

  2. Ditto to above. Educainment emails always a welcomed addition to my week.
    Keep boiling Mike, keep boiling.

  3. I’m here because I am usually too out of breath to ask you all the questions I want answered when I see you.

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