Educainment 1.18.13

headerpicWhat did I read/ watch/ do this week? I don’t even remember. Among the blur of re/evaluation season I think I managed to make my way to my computer and scour the internets endlessly for interesting and pertinent information.

I need to start with this. @jdimick sent this my way and it needs to be shared. This video is the biggest piece of crap I have seen in a while. I cannot believe this is even out there or that a PROFESSIONAL football player would trust an individual of this caliper with his rehabilitation.The guy is a fat loss “guru” so it only makes sense that he should be doing manual muscle testing on someone. Next thing you know I will have my own line of fat loss pills!

Ugh, moving on…

This is a good little abstract of a review of ITB literature to see if a cause/causes and effective treatments can be identified. Here’s the study’s conclusion… “CONCLUSION: The methodological quality of research into the management of ITBS in runners is poor and the results are highly conflicting. Therefore, the study designs should be improved to prevent selection bias and to increase the generalizability of findings.”

This is via the @Cwagon75 (Charlie Weingroff). When I put up this blog post to my fb page I stated that Charlie has “encouraged” me to think a little bit harder more than once. He is doing the same for another therapist in this post. It shows that sometimes we get so enamored with rehabbing the way it has been done in the past without really thinking about the true function and truly anatomy of the body. Posterior chain is more important in controlling valgus collapse at the knee, so why so much focus on quad girth as long as ROM is full and strength is good?

I also re-read parts of MOVEMENT and signed up for this. I’m pretty excited about this course. So keep learning, and feel free to contact me at if you have any questions. (And yes, @joggingjeans, I will get back to you).

Always Evolve,


One response to “Educainment 1.18.13

  1. Thanks for the ITB abstract link! I have access to full-text articles through my work, so I just downloaded it. Looking forward to all 24 pages (not sarcasm). 😉

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