Educainment 1.24.13


Randomly got a lot of reading in. Also Got some writing in as well and have some good stuff coming out the next two weeks. I’m also thinking about changing up my blog format because of the inability to follow, the lack of archives, and no side bar. So look for changes coming in future days.

There is a random mish-mash of articles and posts this week that I found to be very good. Either I’m getting better at finding great stuff, more people are posting great stuff (this i sprobably it) or my standard for a good read has gone way down. Either way, this is what I spent my free time on this week

Tony Gelincore (one of the funniest S&C writers I have consistently read) brings a kick ass exercise to the table here. You need to read the whole post top to bottom, especially the “What is does” section. The ability to maintain good thoracic extension during this exercise is a must.

A great guest post by Heidi Jannenga who co-founded @WebPT about the importance of Defensible Documentation. I know we all hate having to do notes, but guess what; for most of us, it’s how we get pain, and for some, it’show we keep our licenses because we live in such a litigious society.

This was the first interview of the with Dan John, if you didn’t sign up to listen to these FREE seminars it means two things. 1. You didn’t check out my educainment from a couple weeks ago, and two, you can still look at the diagrams at the bottom of this page. There is an awesome diagram about the progressions of basic human movements. Here’s a little bonus from Dan about getting your rhomboids working properly again.

And lastly, here is a post by Lorimer Moseley (one of the fore-most-thinking pain researchers out there) about chronic pain. Simple to wrap your mind around.

Keep reading my friends!

Always Evolve,


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