Educainment 2.8.13

cropped-cropped-skeleton2.jpgA little busier this week, leaving me short on time to read, but there’s always time for video’s isn’t there? I had a steady flow of Bachelor and West Wing flowing whiel continuing to try to get over whatever evil-virus has been lurking inside of me for the past month. OR, chances are that trying to give up caffeine cold-turkey gave me the achy, lethargic, overall dreadful feeling. SO, back over to Starbucks, and I’m as good as new.

I straight up stole this from John Delucchi’s facebook page. You may not know him now, but he is setting himself up to rule the PT world. He has recently passed his TPI – CGFI Level 1 AND already has his CSCS. Also, he’s working over in South Carolina, so I can send my parents to him when they move down there. This is a video of who else, but Gray Cook, talking about the chop. Not just a chop as an exercise, but as a mind-blowing assessment that will leave you, your clients, or your patients shouting from mountain tops about how unbelievable a practitioner/trainer you are.

I can’t say I’ve been 100% out of commission though for this past month. Earlier this week, I put up a post about Balance Basics,which included this article, discussing mobility and stability in the sense of balance and walking, and there is a great little section and pictures regarding bases of support. When you ar ewalking down the street and you see someone “waddling” with their feet 2 feet apart, just know that this person’s body is trying as hard as it can to prevent them from taking a nose-dive to the pavement.

Twitter provides me with almost unlimited resources for this blog post every week, so all I need to do is take the time to read everything from the 600 people I follow and pick and chose what makes it to your eyes. Evidence in Motion had a stand out if you ask me. It is part 2 of Physical Therapy Myths. If you are a practitioner or a patient I’d highly suggest reading this.

And I will leave you with this last video. If you do not find this to be one of the most ridiculously adorable things you have ever seen, then you have no soul. Literally, no soul. At 1:15 the magic happens.

Always Evolve,


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