Educainment 3.8.13

cropped-cropped-skeleton2.jpgFirst off, Happy Birthday to my dad! Yesterday he turned [COUGH] years old.

This week was interesting. I usually don’t get mixed up with politics, but as you probably saw with my post Tuesday I decided I had to stir things up a little. I joined the FB group NO on SB381 to help raise awareness of this pressing issue to not only PTs in California, but the rest of the country as well. “As goes California, so goes the Nation”, seems like a pretty scary thought if you are a physical therapist.

In this article written by the California Healthcare Foundation (Not the CPTA or the CCA), the authors, who are lawyers, not practitioners, so they have no skin in the game, suggest that physical therapists score of practice should be expanded, NOT shrunk, because we would actually save healthcare dollars (what a novel idea).

Ah, okay, my soap box was put away. And in fact, I put my reading glasses away, because the rest of this weeks educainment are videos. The first of which is from a chiropractor who works in CALIFORNIA (okay, I had to get one last comment in there). He is a man that you can only respect for all of the advancements in thinking he has brought to the rehabilitation field, Dr. Craig Liebenson. Here, he’s quickly fixing someone’s faulty movement pattern. Sometimes, its just nice to see a master at work.

Let’s follow that up with Dr. Spina fixing some faulty squat patterning from the ground up by looking at what poor squat form can tell you about how someone walks and vice versa.

Take some time to watch Alan Alda do this thing. Pretty interesting stuff regarding subluxation and manipulations.

It’s the 20th anniversary of Jimmy Vs “speech”. Watch. Reflect.

Always Evolve,


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