Educainment 3.15.13

I got a lot of reading done early in the week only to be replaced with writing. This week I actually had the pleasure of speaking with Don Reagan regarding the state of physical therapy programs in this country. But that post is still to come. In actuality, it’ll probably be two posts.

cropped-cropped-skeleton2.jpgI’ve got some really random stuff for you this week. From jellyfish to orthotics. Twitter, facebook, my inbox were all over the place over the past 7 days. The first piece of delicious brain food I want to feed your minds was off of Brian Mackenzie’s twitter feed. Smart guy, changing the way endurance athletes train for the better. Conclusion from this study – orthotics do kinda work, but researchers don’t know how, or when they really work, so they really don’t work. Side note, previous patient just sent me this like 3 hours before I started typing this. Please read this one too, it’s more thorough.

On to something orthotics are trying to prevent or reduce: inflammation of tendons! I think I grabbed this one from Jeff Cubos. Basically it comes down to this. We are doing a poor job at helping those with chronic tendonopathies, but we are doing better than we were because our knowledge of chronic tendonopathies has improved, and KNOWLEDGE IS POWER.

The more knowledge we have the better. Shouldn’t what we do with our patients be bred in science and nurtured in the clinics? But what if those who create our practice acts, and health care laws were deciding to ignore science, not just for health care but for everything? The scariest part of this article for me is this, “Lately, politicians unashamedly issue proclamations tantamount to declaring, The world is flat. Climate change is a hoax. Vaccines cause autism. Intelligent design should be taught in biology class alongside evolution. The United States has the best health outcomes in the world.” If anyone thinks we have the best health outcomes in the world you are crazy. Literally crazy. The WHO ranks us 37th I think. Pathetic is the word you are looking for. But what eye opening is the first comment that is included in the article. They bring up the point that the research politicians are starting to ignore is biased research; provided by oil companies, tobacco companies and the like. Overall take away. Know who funded the research you are reading and what their agenda is.

This is just weird and cool. Evolution found to be reversible? Didn’t I talk a lot about evolution not having a direction a couple months ago, therefore, how could Dollo say it coulnd’t be “reversed” if forward is not the direction it’s going in? Current science tend to agree with me. Or maybe it’s the other way around.

Have a great weekend. Go drink some green beer.

Always Evolve,


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