Educainment 3.22.13

cropped-cropped-skeleton2.jpg1st matter of business. Happy Birthday to my mom! A wonderful woman deserves a wonderful birthday week.

There was plenty to read this week, but I mostly had my head stuck in my DNS A Course Manual. I also had another great conversation with Jerry Durham who is one of the strongest opponents of SB 381.This week I am not going to share what I read though. I’m sure you came across a bunch of great stuff yourself. This week I want to remind all of you, even if you do not live in California, to call one of the Senators on the following list, and state your opposition to SB 381 which unfoundedly reduces physical therapists’ scope of practice in this state. Just remember, that this bill may set precedence for other state Chiropractic Associations to do the same. So this is not just a California issue. I am including some resources for you work with.

This is the link to the No on SB318 facebook page. Please like and share.

This is a link to the document with all the members of the Business and Professions, and Economic Development Committee, how you can get in touch with them, and some talking points. For those of you in Los Angeles, the Chair is your district Senator. Let him know you oppose this bill!

Joe Brence’s (Forward Thinking PT) post about why this bill is ridiculous and one method we can change the scope of our own practice. I love his anger.

Lastly, my own post including research to support our side of the arguement and much much more.

Don’t just read these things this week. TAKE ACTION!

Always Evolve,


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