Educainment 3.29.13

cropped-cropped-skeleton2.jpgShort and sweet this week.

Greg Lehman is on the prowl again, with yet another study showing that biomechanics may not change with strengthening, nor do they have to for decreases in pain to occur.

I included this story in a post I put up on Monday about sitting, standing, and low back pain. It’s from NPR and discusses the high rate of disability in certain areas of this country. It is long, but it is very good and very shocking. I just sat in my car parked boiling up on my black pleather seats on the side of the road listening away. Listening in the comfort of you home is a much better idea.

Lastly, this piece from Charlie Weingroff couldn’t have come at a better time for me considering I had just gone through the DNS A course, so I finally had a better grasp of what the hell Charlie was talking about. It’s a good piece comparing the DNS “log” roll and the FMS segmental roll.

Smooth and easy. Have a good weekend.

Always Evolve,


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