Educainment 10.11.13

cropped-cropped-skeleton2.jpgThis week was chock full of reading, watching, listening, and overall self-improvement. I feel so great about myself I decided to share it all with you. You cannot go wrong with anything from this week. Put off those last few hours of work for the week, or even those weekend chores and dive into some educainment.

Great exercise here from Dr. Liebenson that develops and challenges rotational stability on one leg, balance, glute activation, etc. 

Another video from Dr. Liebenson talkign about the importanceof training the frontal plane. If you treat one person with impaired balance you need to watch this. Orifyou haveimpaired balance watch it.

More support from another great mind regarding one area of the body affecting another. Mike Reinold discusses ankle dorsiflexion and the lateral step down test here.

Weight machines look to be a thing of the past. Or are they? Dr. Phil Page discusses.

The deadlift is probably my favorite exercise of all time. Here, you have four top trainers in the strength and conditioning world talking about 4 great cues for the deadlift.

Increased BMI puts you at greater risk for back pain. Just incase you didnt know it. 

Mike Reinold is a repeat offender this week, while talking about self-myofascial release to the teres MAJOR. If you have clients with shoulder pain with flexion and horizontal adduction you should watch.

Lorimer Mosley talking about pain. When he talks, we listen.

Six conditions you didnt know PTs treated. Pudendal Nerve entrapment didnt make the list.

Always Evolve,


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