A bunch of randomness over the past week. Considering my phone deleted a bunch of my reading list, I still think this a pretty good list. Hurry up and get procrastinating.

This is kinda common sense at this point right? Neuromuscular inhibition can lead to re injury in hamstring strains.

Bret Contreras and Brad Schoenfeld’s article reviewing spinal flexion exercises. It’s a long one but very worth while. Should clients crunch or not? I’ll leave it up to you to decide after reading.

Get rid of the pain first, then move. Read here.

Are you training you patients and clients at the appropriate level for stability? Gray Cook thinks not.

We develop arm movements with a combination of open AND closed chain movements. So shouldn’t we assess in both. Dr. Phil Plisky discusses a few of his favorites.

Always Evolve,


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