Total Knee Replacement pic!

photo (2)A few years ago I posted some pictures first of a patient’s knee who had a TKA and then of my grandma’s knees after she had BL TKAs. I received a picture and some comments from a reader yesterday and I felt like it should be shared with everyone.

I have treated a lot of patients who have undergone hip and knee replacements over the years, and it is always refreshing to see someone who in the recent past has been severely limited in their functional mobility gain independence free of pain and with improved confidence.

“I thought you may be interested to see my wife’s knee. To-day is exactly 4 weeks since the op. and she now is walking almost normally without using sticks. She is 73 years.
The physiotherapist is delighted with her and has signed her off. This is no doubt due to the fact that she has always done floor exercises every day. She also did all the exercises advised before the op. She also did the post op. exercises rigorously, and continues. Notice the skate board which was advised by a friend who also did well. This she uses whilst resting and she has extended her flexibility.
Excellent surgeon and committed patient. This was all done by the UK National Health Service paid from our taxes but free at time of use, God bless it.
I was encouraged to send this after viewing your photo. This may encourage people to realise the more they put in the better the outcome.

What do you think.”


Well Ian, I think it’s awesome that she has done her exercises every day! I also think that the skateboard as an assist during flexion and extension is genius. I’m so happy to hear that she is doing well and is on her way back to being more active!

Always evolve,



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