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Whether you want to tell me how much you hate my blog, or that in some random act of serendipity you came here and found what you were looking for, I encourage open communication. Isn’t that the key to a successful realtionship? Who cares what they’ll all say about us, we can make it work.


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8 responses to “Contact Me

  1. I read with interest your recommendations about obese patients being refused knee replacement this has happened to my brother who was told to loose 4 stone he has lost 2 stone but is struggeling now my concern is he will loose motivation and put it all back on before he receives his much needed knee replacement could you advise of a consultant who may be willing to do this op on the N.H.S my brother lives in Liverpool
    Thank You Jackie

    • Hey Jackie,
      I wish I was over in the UK to assist you with this matter. My advice is to find your local physiotherapist and give them a call. If they are any good they should know which direction to send you in. Tell your brother to keep up his efforts; they will be worth it in the long run! Make sure you support him to the fullest.

      Always Evolve,


  2. I am impressed with your blog on plantar fascitis. I am a physical therapist and currently have a non-atheletic patient with sufficient dorsiflexion, great ankle strength, and a descent arch but I could not avoid his obvious forward lean in his trunk! I have been searching for a supportive connection to my conclusion that this was likely the source of the plantar fascia irritation. At least I know now that someone else might agree with me! Keep up the good work.

    • Hey Charlene,

      The biggest person to get on board and probably the hardest one, is going to be that patient. It’s such a battle to convince patients, even after all the educating in the world, that their foot pain is only a symptom of the movement/postural dysfunction. Sahrmann’s work is amazing, and I could not agree with you more than MSIS is a wonderful book.

      Always Evolve,


  3. Hi Mike,

    It is great to finally find a blog that focuses on our work as Physical Therapist. I just followed you today after searching and leading me to your blog. I wanted to start this kind of blog too but that will be after my licensure. I browsed your blog and saw interesting topics that I guess would help me in my review. By the way, I’m a licensed Physical Therapist in the Philippines and currently reviewing for my licensure in the US. I hope I’ll be RPT here in the US soon. I still need to study more to ensure that license will be on my hand…

    • Roidennis, Thanks for reading. I encourage you to start up a blog now, discussing the trial and tribulations of going through the process of getting licensed in the US as a PT. Then you can carry it over into your blog once you are licensed.

      Always evolve,


      • Dr. Mike, Thanks for the encouragement. I will start my blog soon. You inspire me to be more aggressive in reaching my goal and also have that DPT after my name. Not just an added letter but added knowledge in giving the full potential and benefit of our patients in their daily lives. Would it be possible that you will be able to address some questions with topics that I wish to know more for my review and for my profession as well? Thank you very much!

        -Roi Dennis

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